please contact me under my email sebids (at)

best practice is to use PGP encryption, here is my key for download and in plain text

My fingerprint: 5496 9FE6 349A FB7C 56ED F46C C087 0C10 6C5F 124E
ID: 6C5F124E

Consider that all email is scanned, analysed and stored by different global acteurs.
Get used to the fact that we live under all-watching surveillance.
If you want to have singular victories against a global surveillance totalitarism, use encryption whatever you do.

I use Jitsi for VoIP-Conversations. Jitsi is FOSS (Free/Open Source Software).
So use Jitsi instead of Skype and call me under
Skype (Microsoft) is unsecure. (my most downplaying and stress-free description of this product)

Another way to contact me is Pidgin with OTR, also with

With best regards,